How we differ?

A Strong teams of passionate programmers and designers with client-first attitude wishing to change the way audiences receive presentations.

Our Values

We always believe that sharing values with the community will not end by just completing the task righteously.

Beyond Expectation

We work on making presentations and distributions - simple, fun and yet engaging and powerful enough to cross boundaries.

We Focus

When we say focus, we mean Laser Focus! Bode highly focuses on making the presentation industry better than never before.

Bode Animation

Bode Animation

A Unique Explainer Video making organization

Bode Animation conveys your complex business concepts and processes via simple inspiring and engaging videos with powerful impact on audiences. Successfully crafted more than 400+ Explainer/Demo Videos for client firms around the world.

Bode Animation follows strict production standards starting from detailed research on the new project, scripting by translating the findings into a great story, but without hard and fast rules on creativity, since thinking-out-of- the-box is encouraged at all levels.

We are passionate about every video and love to create masterpiece which is simple, yet powerful enough to Engage! Entertain! & Educate! audiences from all walks of life.

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We look for people who make real difference to the industry who are ready to fit his/her skin and bone to this fastly growing concern.


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